Father’s Day Box


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Get your Dad the ultimate Grizzly treat box and ensure your place as the favourite child of 2023.


Mexican Hot Cocoa Danish
Our black cocoa pastry encases a fudgy milk-and-dark chocolate crémeux flavoured with warm spices and ancho chile, topped with a spice-infused mascarpone whip and chilli threads.

Buttered Maple-Pecan Croissant
A classic Grizzly croissant filled with a maple-butter caramel and a vanilla-brown sugar créme diplomat, topped with a fresh glaze of caramel, a dollop of cream, and candied pecans.

Old Fashioned Danish
Flavoured like the classic cocktail, our basket pastry holds an orange-and-bitters pastry cream, a buckwheat sponge soaked in a whisky syrup, and a thin layer of vanilla-orange gel. The pastry is brushed with whisky syrup and garnished with candied orange batons.

Sticky Sweet Tahini Babka
Brioche dough is laminated with a tahini, cardamom, and rose filling before being baked and soaked in a lemon glaze. The swirled babka is then garnished with a crushed sesame brittle, finely chopped pistachios, and sesame seeds.